Chudleigh's Hard Cider Variety Pack

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We know that great ciders start with great apples. That’s why we’re proud to use only the best Chudleigh-grade apples to create our all-natural hard cider. Crisp and refreshingly easy to drink, experience the blissful taste of Chudleigh’s Ciders.

750 mL bottle x 3
Alcohol/Vol: 5.4%, 5.5%, 8.5%
Made In: Milton, Ontario
Style: Medium-Sweet & Crisp

This gift set features three of our best:

🍎 Chudleigh's Orchard Cider - Made with Northern Spy and Honeycrisp,  crisp and refreshingly easy to drink.

🍏 Golden Russet Cider - Unique, single varietal cider produced from Russet, an heirloom variety that yields a cider with a full body, rich texture and intense, tropical aromas.

🍯 Hint of Honey  - A perfectly balanced cider with a subtle hint of our local Ontario honey.


  • Please note that for curbside pickup our Chudleigh’s Orchard Cider must be purchased with at least ONE frozen dessert or pantry item
  • ID is required upon curbside pickup and home delivery

Chudleigh's does not guarantee the accuracy of any nutritional information or ingredients listing presented on this website. Please carefully read all labels prior to the use or consumption of any product
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life on the farm just got a whole lot sweeter

Fresh pressed to your door

Now shipping directly to your door, our freshly pressed hard cider is easier than ever to bring home.


Made the Chudleigh way

Chudleigh's Cidery, with many families enjoying nice weather



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