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Apple Crumble Blossom® Gift Box

Roses are red, violets are blue,

Our Apple Blossoms taste great,

These are fresh picked for you!

What’s in a Chudleigh’s Gift Box of Blossoms®?

  • • 10 Fully Baked Crumble Crunch Apple Blossoms, made from scratch with freshly peeled Northern Spy Apples baked in a flaky hand-folded pastry.
  • • Each Blossom is wrapped in an individual pillow pack with its own unique message written on them (that will make you smile before you pop them into the oven).
  • • All are nicely nestled into an exclusive embossed wooden Chudleigh’s Gift Box made with Canadian Douglas fir wood.
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Special Limited Time Offer

Order yours by December 17 before they’re all gone! We will deliver this delicious taste of the country right to someone’s door in the GTA between December 20th and 22nd.

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How it works

Step 1

Enter the details of the special friends and family you want to share a Blossom Box with.

Step 2

Choose the date and time of day for the big arrival

Step 3

Once payment has processed sit back and wait for the calls and notes of “Thanks”. Who knows, you may even have your own special box arrive on the doorstep.

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Freshly Frozen for You

We will be fully baking each Blossom fresh to order, and then freezing them in time straight out of the oven.

This way you can enjoy a delicious scratch-made Apple Blossom that's pretty much the closest to tasting it fresh from our oven, without any preservatives or unnecessary processes.

If you’d like to find the detailed nutritional information for our Apple Blossoms®, please click here

Delight everyone on your list. Let that tender pastry with the delicious apple filling, fill their kitchen with the smell of holiday baking this season.

When it comes to finding the perfect Christmas gift ideas or holiday gift ideas for both men and women alike, all you need to remember is that it’s what is inside that counts… The box, that is! Why not treat them (and yourself) to a Chudleigh’s Giftbox of Apple Blossoms for the perfect holiday gift that will leave them warm in spirit and tummy!

Psst! Stuck for cool holiday gift ideas this year? Run out of different gift baskets and don’t want to send flowers again? It’s simple! Let us take you back to the gifts that were always full of surprise and left you feeling warm inside. You just have to think inside the box!

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